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Yoga classes at Hektor Container Hotel, Telliskivi 62, Tallinn

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Mondays 18.00-19.15

Deliciously soft movement in the beginning of a week that helps you to consciously focus on your weekly goals.
In a flurry of thoughts, silence does not occur by itself. Silence occurs when we stop and do not create new obligations, do not make promises and do not search for new information.
An ideal restart for the mind and strengthening for the body.

In this class you will practice Vinyasa style yoga with Yin yoga elements.
Lisaks kergemad meditatsioonitehnikad ning hingamisharjutused.


Wednesdays 12.00-13.15

Have you experienced the magic of Vinyasa yoga when practiced slowly and consciously?

The word "slow" has for some reason a negative connotation. But is it justified?
Many of us cannot do things at slow pace. The skill of moving slowly requires you to be conscious and willing to let go of the habit of rushing.
The beauty and depth of yoga expresses itself in merging the two energies.
Let it happen.

These classes often have topics related to yoga philosophy and principles.
And of course there will be breathing exercises.


Fridays 08.00-09.15

A great way to end your week and reflect on it before the weekend.
Enjoyable, soft and creative movement.
May contain minor challenges.

Additional Cinnamon Yoga services

Liisianne vaatab otsa ja naeratab mentorprogrammid

Health Mentorship Program

Health mentorship is for those who are too busy to pause to reflect on their life and see how their (unhealthy) habits influence them. In the health mentorship program this is exactly what we are doing and you may learn something new about yourself.

liisianne-lootoseasendis jooga eratund

Private yoga session

Have you felt that you don’t really enjoy group classes? Moreover, do they often take place at hours that don’t match your personal schedule?


Personalized yoga program

Tailored yoga program that meets perfectly your needs. Do you wish to improve your physical condition? Or to sleep better? Perhaps you are recovering from pregnancy? Would you like to become more flexible or build your muscles? Whatever your objective, we will map the path to it.

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